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Entry #1

Well, here goes.

2008-03-08 22:43:36 by Mataro

Suppose I should get around to making a news post, for the rare few that might ever actually check this page. (Thanks to those of you that do!)

Not much to say, aside from the fact I do intend to pick up the pace on submitting new work. I'll be getting a guitar soon, more about that when I get it. But expect a lot more rock in my future submissions!

Current projects include a cinematic piece that should be ready for submission within the week, and a few others. Check back soon to catch it, it's definitely one of my best. More news to come soon!

- Mataro


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2008-03-10 12:09:12

Wow, your first ever comment was an advertisement for someone else's page. XD

It's going to be ready within the week? :O Take your time, polish every bit, but if you think it's finished, then submit it right away! >:( Don't forget... potential remix material. XD

Why am I not saying this in chat?

Mataro responds:

I know, great, eh'?

I say within the week because chances are that I won't have anything left to do on it afterwards. I'll have run out of ideas and whatnot.. But of course, I'll make sure it's polished before submitting. And yes. Remix material xD

(Btw, I changed up the bassline like you asked. :X)


2009-06-22 09:04:41

Your latest post now has more than mine does. =P


2009-06-24 21:02:00

Hezzlo perzon.
I'z bez yorz ozedlord.

I found this page... somehow.
Make sure to use the first two lines if you ever make something about aliens.


2010-04-11 13:22:22

update plaeze?